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Our goal at SpaceshipOne is to engage Earthlings in topics that matter to us, like climate change, clean energy, public health, and numeracy. We provide educational, empowering content on these topics that you can read, watch, listen to, and participate in virtually. 

The team at SpaceshipOne aims to equip as many Earthlings as possible with the knowledge and confidence we need to face climate change. By working together, we can slow and even reverse the effects of climate change, building a healthier, more equitable world in the process.


What are some effects of climate change we’re seeing today?

The environmental changes happening globally as a result of climate change and global warming are numerous. They can be seen from Alaska to Australia. 


Rapid warming of the world’s oceans is causing the polar ice caps in the north and south poles to melt at a rate of 750 billion tons of ice per year; one of the direct effects of global warming.


Nations around the world are having an irregular number of wildfires destroying habitats and homes alike.


Even areas like Siberia and the cold northern forests of British Columbia are dealing with out-of-control wildfires that are melting the permafrost and releasing methane into the atmosphere. Methane is a much harsher greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and as more is added to the atmosphere, it is heating up the planet much more quickly.


Climate change impacts are felt on land as well as in the ocean. Rising ocean temperatures have caused coral reefs to bleach and die, destroying the homes of millions of fish and disrupting the natural cycle of life in these once tropical sanctuaries. Many peoples' livelihoods also depend on the health of these ecosystems, especially small fishing communities in developing nations.


These are just a few examples of how the effects of climate change and global warming are changing the lives of the inhabitants of planet Earth.

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