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To help you stay informed and educated on sustainability, eco-friendly business practices and latest innovations, we’ve compiled a list of the best eco-themed podcasts of 2020

Hey fellow earthlings, welcome to SpaceshipOne’s podcast room.


After listening to hundreds of podcasts, we came to realize that it’s quite hard to incorporate them all into your daily life.


So to help you stay on top of what’s happening in the world of climate change, we've compiled a list of 10 environmental podcasts, plus some honorable mentions, we think you’ll love.

For those of you that are in a hurry, here are (in our opinion) the best Climate Change Podcasts 🤘🏼🎧🔥 of 2020:


  1. Sustainable Design Podcast

  2. The How To Stop Climate Change Podcast

  3. In Defense of Plants

  4. Heat of the Moment

  5. Multi-Hazards

  6. The ClimateReady Podcast

  7. The Making Good Podcast

  8. We Are Climate Designers

  9. The Determined Ones

  10. TILclimate Podcast

Podcasts are easy to consume, crazy entertaining and filled with actionable and valuable tips we can follow to improve our life and preserve our planet.

So without further ado, let’s explore them all:

Top 10 Environmental Podcasts of 2020 

Before turning on the rockets of the ship, we want to make clear that we did not place the list in a particular “popularity” order.


Each podcast tackles environmental topics from different angles so our objective was to provide you with a mix of the bests.


If you feel like a golden star is missing from the list, feel free to share with us your top 10 and we’ll make sure to take it into consideration.


Now, let’s start the engines.

Sustainable Design Podcast

Listening to sustainability and conservation podcasts on the go is a great way to learn and stay informed with the state of our planet.


These eco-themed podcasts discuss tips on making environmentally conscious lifestyle shifts, educate listeners on the current climate change legislation, propose potential policy changes to curb carbon emissions, and dive into stories of climate victims from around the world.


Also, be sure and check out NPR podcasts on environmental issues like the Environment Story Podcast.

#1- Sustainable Design Podcast


Sustainable Design Podcast is exactly what it sounds like. The host Anastasia Backykala (bio-artist and designer) holds interesting, warm and in-depth talks with experts in different fields, around sustainable design, circular economy and eco-innovators.


The beauty of this sustainability podcast is that Anastasia and her guests tackle complex problems in a really easy to follow format.


Nice background music and crisp audio, helps to make the experience perfect for those that also need to relax from the daily routine.


If you are curious on how you can make your profession more eco-friendly, this podcast will open your mind for limitless possibilities.


Recommended episodes:

  • Ep.4 Seb Egerton-Read: Circular Economy
    This episode will help you give context to the rest of the podcast as it gives a strong overview on what is circular economy, regenerative agriculture, circular fashion, and more, with easy to understand examples.


  • Ep.2 Ardilla Deneys: Eco Startups
    If you are the entrepreneurial type, you’ll love this episode. Ardilla and Anastasia focus on start-ups creating coconut-waste leather, limestone swimsuits, fungi leather and more carbon reducing products.


  • Ep.1 Kristine Upesleja: Material Futures
    Although it was their first episode, it is definitely a more niche kind of talk. In this episode, the founder of Madisons, a consulting firm focused on sustainability, kristine Upesleja, explains the development of new materials for our day to day products.

2- The How To Stop Climate Change Podcast


So you want to do your part for the world but just can’t figure out how to start?


How to Stop Climate Change Podcast is all about the people that are making the difference by going out there and taking action.


Besides sharing their stories, achievements and challenges, the podcast also focuses on teaching how you can join the activists, what to do in your day to day life, and what things aren’t worth worrying about.


Recommended episodes:

  • Mary Marshall – Solar Energy International
    Interested in solar energy? In this episode, Mary Marshall, program manager at Solar Energy International, explains how you can start in solar energy systems design and installation.


  • Waste to Energy – Bob Powell – Brightmark Energy
    One of the most powerful movements on the whole circular economy field is the use of waste to produce energy. In this episode, Bob Powell, Brightmark Energy CEO, talks about how waste to energy reduces the impact of waste, improves margins for companies and how you can get into the field.


  • Young conservative climate activists | Karly Matthews, American Conservation Coalition
    Politics have a big impact on how a society approaches climate change, so this is an episode that we think is truly useful. This time, Karly Matthews from the American Conservation Coalition, explains “how they are educating and empowering conservatives to re-engage in environmental conversations by promoting a mix of free-market, pro-business, and limited-government environmentalism”.


3- In Defense of Plants


With so many heated discussions around us, we tend to forget about the little ones that form our planet.


In Defense of Plants conservation podcast fixes this issue by combining expert knowledge from guests, the hobby of gardening and the importance of taking care of the environment to combat climate change.


If you are interested in gardening, plants, biology and saving the world through the little things, the format of this podcast is perfect for you.


Recommended episodes:

  • Ep. 246 - Finding Meaning in Gardening
    In this episode, the author, gardener and landscape designer Georgina Reid, shares the stories and experiences that shaped her book “The Planthuter”. You’ll explore how gardening transcends all the trappings of modern society in an insightful and enjoyable conversation.


  • Ep. 270 - A Native Plant Based Life
    We loved the passion in this episode. Lyndon Penner - environmentalist, author and garden designer - shares his life-long obsession with native plants and the importance of them for a specific region’s ecosystem.


  • Ep. 258 - What It Takes to Save Plants
    “From seed collection to restoring populations, this episode is all about what it takes to save rare plants from extinction”. Dr. Joyce Maschinski, President and CEO of the Center for Plant Conservation, explains the latest innovations in plant conservation, how you can be part of their movement and the different resources available for you on the Center For Plant Conservation's Rare Plant Academy.


4- Heat of the Moment


From climate change to how to adapt to desert conditions if things don’t improve, Heat of the Moment is a realistic and well-produced podcast that touches many different topics.


Especially when it comes to temperature changes due to pollution, unsustainable practices and just a lack of eco-friendly mindset from institutions.


The production value of the podcast will remind you of NPR or Wondering level of production. So if you want to dive into controversial and in-depth interviews, you can’t miss this podcast out.


Recommended episodes:

  • The Solutions Under Our Noses
    “A look at how many of the innovations that will be needed for a cleaner, greener future are actually available today—and what's needed to get them activated on a larger scale”.


  • Adapting to a Drier Planet
    “An exploration of the wider ramifications of water scarcity and what’s being done to help those affected”.


  • Talking Green Without Seeing Red
    “How governments, journalists, and activists are all trying to change the narrative when they talk about climate change. The goal? Make the conversation more inclusive, less hostile, and frankly less boring”.


The writing team behind this podcast is just too good to miss out, so we decided to use their summary for each episode, we think there’s no better way to do it.


5- Multi-Hazards


This is quite a different kind of podcast, although it tackles topics like climate change, fires, eco-friendly practices, etc. The podcast focuses more on how we can protect our loved ones and ourselves from natural disasters, pandemics, cyber attacks and extreme weather.


It delivers thoughtful information through an expert-interview format. A perfect podcast for those that want to learn more on how to handle themselves in case of crisis.


Recommended episodes:

6- The ClimateReady Podcast


The ClimateReady Podcast features interviews and segments on emerging trends in the intersection of climate change and water.


By combining music, audio design and in-depth interviews with experts in policy, engineering, finance, and other sectors, the host is able to provide a wonderful experience while discussing climate adaptation challenges and opportunities.


Recommended episodes:

All episodes are listed on the same page, so you can use this link and start listening. Although, a few that we really loved are:


  • Ep. 9 Pt. 1-2 - Rivers to the Rescue! Understanding the Benefits of Ecosystems in Adaptation (Season 1)

  • Ep. 8 - Sparking Change: What We Can Learn from Australia’s Catastrophic Bushfires (Season 3)

  • Ep. 5 - Ensuring Adaptation: Nature-Based Solutions to Reducing Risk (Season 2)


7- The Making Good Podcast


We can all use good news in our lives and that’s exactly what Making Good podcast is doing.


The host Lee Evans takes a look at the pioneering people, products, ideas and initiatives building the better world we need right now, before they've made it into the mainstream.


It is important that we acknowledge the efforts that those innovators are making now, and raise awareness and inspire more entrepreneurs to take a step ahead.


Recommended episodes:


8- We Are Climate Designers


Something we can all agree on is that when we unite, we can push the boundaries of what an individual can do.


This is a podcast that focuses on bringing climate-change education to the world of designers in all industries.


They have a clear voice and mission: “To provide the resources, knowledge, and community for designers to take climate action in the work they do”. 


Recommended episodes:


9- The Determined Ones


If you are looking for bolder ideas on how to reverse global warming, we can’t recommend you enough to listen to this environmental podcast.


The Determined Ones podcast talks about climate action, The Determined Mindset, and how standing out helps you make a meaningful impact.


They are a creative studio for a climate-resilient world, so the quality is high and the value even more so.


Recommended episodes:


10- TILclimate Podcast


From the 10 of this list, we might consider this an essential one. Particularly to those who are just beginning to get their toes wet on climate change.


This MIT eco-themed podcast breaks down the science, technologies, and policies behind climate change, how it’s impacting us, and what our society can do about it.


Each quick episode gives you the what, why, and how on climate change — from real scientists — to help us all make informed decisions for our future.


Recommended episodes:

Because we couldn't make up our minds and pick three episodes, we thought it was better to just add the links to the latest three episodes, enjoy!


  • TIL about nuclear power
    In this episode of TILclimate (Today I Learned Climate), Prof. Jacopo Buongiorno, Director of the MIT Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems, sits down with host Laur Hesse Fisher to explore how nuclear power works, why even some climate advocates don’t agree on using it, and what role it can play in our clean energy future.


  • TIL about energy efficiency
    In this episode, Harvey Michaels, lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, joins host Laur Hesse Fisher to explore the three ways that energy efficiency can help us reduce carbon emissions.


  • TIL about wind and solar power
    What will it take to generate the electricity our society needs, without generating carbon emissions? In this episode of TILclimate, Dr. Magdalena Klemun at the MIT Institute for Data, Systems and Society joins host Laur Hesse Fisher to begin exploring this question, starting with wind and solar power.



3 Climate Change Podcasts Worth Mentioning

For the honorable mentions, here are some unconventional eco-podcast you’ll definitely love:


11- Drilled Podcast


Podcasts are an immersive experience and there’s nothing like a good narrative before going to sleep.


Drilled is a true-crime podcast about climate change, where climate accountability journalist Amy Westervelt investigates the delays on climate action and what has driven them, via primary sources and archival research.


It is described as “The best, most important podcast out there right now” by The Guardian and a “mandatory, frightening listening” by Fast Company.


Unlike other podcasts, we recommend you listen from episode one because of its serialized format.


They have one playlist so just go to the bottom episode called “Drilled: A True Crime Podcast About Climate Change” and start from there.


12- The SpaceShip Earth


We promise we are not being biased right now…


The concept of the Spaceship Earth is simple, we are living on a life-giving planet hurtling through space, so an understanding of how its system works, along with deeper co-operation between humans and all life is essential to keep us and the spaceship flying.


The podcast is a really straightforward format at a really relaxed pace. A good option when doing your daily routine.


Recommended episodes:

  • Episode 35 - Olivia Knight - Patchwork - Sharing is the currency of connection
    In this episode, Olivia Knight, a social entrepreneur and the founder of collaborative gifting platform Patchwork, talks about the development of the UK sharing economy and her experience as the current chair of the movement.


  • Episode 28 - Zahra Davidson - Enrol Yourself - Lifelong Learning Together
    Zahra Davidson, the Co-founder of Enrol Yourself (A venture helping people become lifelong learners through peer group supported 6 month learning marathons), shares how Enrol Yourself was born, prototyping and experimenting with many constraints and openly inviting others to participate in a pilot.


  • Episode 11 - Joshua Coombes - Do Something for Nothing
    In this episode, host Dan Burgess chats with the legend Joshua Coombes, hairdresser to the homed and homeless, social activist and his mission Do Something for Nothing. We chat about how his story started, the complexity of homelessness, how do we show up and be present for others around us in need.


13- Sustainability Defined


Light-hearted, funny and well-structured are the words that best describe this podcast. Hosts Scott Breen and Jay Siegel explore a new topic each episode in an engaging, informative way.


First they introduce the concept assuming the listener knows nothing about it. Then, once all listeners have a common understanding, they interview an expert in the field.


Each concept falls into one of seven sectors -- Energy, Cities, Natural Environment, Transportation, Business, Policy, and Social. 


Recommended episodes:

All episodes are listed on the same page, so you can use this link and start listening. Although, a few that we really loved are:


  • Hiatus Ep #3: Big Data and Sustainability with Kate Brandt (Google)

  • Ep 34: Biodegradable Products with Susanna Carson (BSIbio Packaging Solutions)

  • Ep 10: Sustainable Building Design with Divya Natarajan (Paladino & Co)

How Did We Pick Our Top Environmental Podcasts

We are aware that there are more than just 13 great podcasts out there so you might be asking yourself ““Why are these the ones I should care about?”.


The process for choosing the right top 10 podcast (and honorable mentions) had three stages:


1- Research and compile

We couldn’t possibly listen to all the podcasts of the world, so we make sure to use keywords like: sustainability, conservation, environment, climate change, global warming and clean energy.


Then we picked 50 podcasts based on their description and the latest 3 episodes. At this point, we just wanted to have a list to choose from but not overkill our team.


2- Listening

This was the most fun part. We listened to 3 - 5 episodes per podcast to ensure that the quality was consistent, the expert opinions were relevant and the format was easy to follow.


Then, each of us gave a score to each of those criteria from 0 to 5.


3- Picking the right ones

After they were all scored, we then took those with higher scores and divided them into topics.


For example, if there were two similars for “sustainable design”, then we needed to choose one.


And that’s it. That was our process.


As we said before, we wanted to give you a range of options to choose from.


We’ll keep adding or updating this list as 2020 evolves and in the future, so keep an eye on us because we’ll be sharing better and better stuff.

These podcasts include our top 10 environmental podcasts but there are many remarkable climate change and sustainability podcasts out there to discover.


So before you go, here are some honorable mentions we just couldn’t leave behind.

The How To Stop Climate Change Podcast
In Defense of Plants Podcast
Heat of the Moment Podcast
Multi-Hazards Podcast
The ClimateReady Podcast
The Making Good Podcast
We Are Climate Designers Podcast
The Determined Ones Podcast
TILclimate Podcast
Drilled Podcast
The SpaceShip Earth Podcast
Sustainability Defined Podcast