Take Part In Climate Change Events, Environmental Conferences, and Climate Change Webinars

We've joined up with Climatebase to promote events spanning a wide range of solutions for environmental & social progress around the world:

Find Environmental Events to Learn More About The Effects of Climate Change

The mounting evidence of increasing extreme weather events and climate change is irrefutable. The real question is, how do we solve this crisis? That’s one of the best things about climate change events: they're an outlet for discussing and expanding our knowledge about what people around the world are doing — and what we can do — to build a climate-positive future. Attending environmental events, webinars, and conferences is a great way to share ideas with others, establish new connections, and learn more about climate solutions, action, and justice.

There Are Many Different Kinds of Climate Change Events

If you’re looking to attend more climate-related events, you have a lot of options to get involved, both in-person and online. Currently, most are online, but there are still many different types of environmental events you can take part in, including:


In-Person Environmental Events

  • Climate Change Conferences

  • Joining Community Environmental Clubs and Organizations 

  • Local Meetups Discussing Climate Change

  • Rallies For Environmental Change


Online Environmental Events

  • Virtual Climate Change Conferences

  • Climate Change Webinars and Presentations 

  • Environmental Social Media Events 

  • Taking Part in Live Climate Change Events Happening Globally by Streaming From Home