Read The Best Books on Climate Change

Books are a wonderful way to learn more about our planet and the current climate crisis we’re facing across the globe. If you’re looking to read more about climate change, global warming, and other impacts on the environment, there are many climate change books to choose from. There are books that explore the political relationships to climate change, books that explain each of the numerous types of renewable energy options available, or climate change books that help us understand how countries all over the world are experiencing climate changes and what will happen if we don’t take steps to stop it.


Another reason to love climate books is that there are a number of eco-friendly ways to enjoy these books. A common question when it comes to reading climate change books in an environmentally-friendly way is are books good for the environment? The answer is a bit complex but let’s start out by saying books can be good for the environment. 


We all know that books are printed on paper, and the pulp used to make that paper came from trees. While producing books requires harvesting trees, one pulpwood tree can make about 80 books. Then the process of producing one book consumes two kilowatt-hours of fossil fuel energy and approximately 7.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide, for a total of 100 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than those caused to make one e-reader device (which requires about 100 kilowatt hours of fossil fuel energy and generates more than 65 pounds of carbon dioxide).


You also need to consider that hardcopy books are eco-friendly if you’re checking out books on our changing climate from a local library. Another way printed books are environmentally conscious if you’re using books in your bookcases at home on an exterior wall to help insulate your house.    


So how many trees are saved by ebooks? Every 80 e-books would roughly equate to one tree. Since 32 million trees are used to make books each year, that’s a total of about 2.5 billion books.


In the grand scheme of things, reading printed books, books on an e-reader, and listening to audiobooks are all roughly equal environmentally friendly ways to consume climate change books.     

Here are some of our recommended climate change books:

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